Competency Speak

Manal Al Khayat Manager (Broadband & Data)
Create a best-employer environment, where people can realize their potential and meet their professional aspirations.

In VIVA's work environment, I have found a great team to work with and make the most of it.

Recognition of my contributions and talents, a professional atmosphere, opportunities for advancement, work stimulation where I can handle new tasks and appropriate empowerment are some of my strong motivating factors in VIVA. It also includes our Management's open door policy and celebrating successes together, which makes work more fulfilling. We are always given the opportunity to develop new ideas, provide concrete suggestions to improve and enhance sales and revenues, and suggest ways to reduce customer complaints.

I love my work and I feel inspired and energized by my manager and the company's leadership. I look forward to work every day and long hours don't seem like a task, as VIVA is my second home. It's little wonder why I enjoy devoting so much time and energy to my job.

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