Top reasons provided by VIVA employees for a Career at VIVA

Our values make us who we are

Employees who demonstrate our values:

  • Heyam Saleh, Executive – HR Services

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Honesty

    "Honesty is the best policy in employee relations.

    The most important part of any business is its people; no business can run effectively without them. They need to communicate and work with others to get their jobs done and to be successful. Employees need to manage relationships in the workplace to keep the business functioning smoothly and performing at its best.

    I always strive hard to establish and maintain effective working relationships among all the staff. This certainly depends upon open honest communications and it goes beyond speaking truthfully. That’s why I strongly encourage honest communication between employees as the best means to enhance understanding, clarify situations, and quickly resolve most issues.

    Honesty is the key element for my success as an Employee Relations Executive. This approach has earned me due respect and credibility.

    My goal is to increase employee satisfaction and maintain good morale among employees. I always believe that an honest working environment for all staff is vital for the success of VIVA."

  • Rana Majed, Lead – Legal Affairs

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Respect

    "Understanding what respect means to each of us is a starting point to help us see the importance of treating others respectfully. Amongst all things, it is necessary to identify the key terms that are deemed to be disrespectful to other person’s culture, origin, race or any other diversity in an organization.

    The way that we project ‘Respect’ in our organization is to treat and be treated with humility, avoid disrespecting or questioning other person’s intelligence which may be a cause of an embarrassment in front of other work colleagues.

    In VIVA, each one of us bring our backgrounds, beliefs, values, talents and behavior standards to work. Taken together, these define how we treat others and how we expect to be treated. They define what makes each of us unique."

  • Jamal Abdulla, Manager – Public Relations

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Loyalty

    "Within our corporate values we believe in loyalty as the driver to help us connect in a unique way, not only with our customers but with our colleagues and everyone around us. Along the time I have worked in VIVA I have experienced first-hand our standing on always being available to our customers and letting them know they can rely on us. It doesn’t matter which circumstances we may be facing, we have a duty to meet and even exceed our customers’’ needs by focusing our efforts in understanding what they want and why they want it, to be able to deliver it on the time they need it."

  • Husain Ismail, Manager – Business Sales

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Cooperation

    "In union there is strength.

    Cooperation in the workplace can make the difference between success and failure for many businesses. In VIVA, individuals voluntarily engage in open communication. Our Management and lower-level employees work together and try to keep arguments to a minimum. Our employees are proactive in the sense that they try to prevent problems before they occur. Cooperation is not always an easy thing to achieve in the workplace, but our Management’s high commitment in this area has led us to be a more harmonious and productive.

    In VIVA, we always work together on our initiatives which make things getting done quicker and more efficiently. Cooperation saves time because employees and management don’t have to dedicate valuable time to bickering or resolving conflicts. "

  • Mohamed Al Dhaen, Manager – Facilities

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Commitment

    "In the process of managing the facilities portfolio within an organization, lot of commitment is required from the concerned team members.

    I lead a team of dedicated and committed individuals that always ensure providing round the clock prompt services to both our internal and external customers to enhance their satisfaction level.

    Whether it is a routine maintenance issue or a task that is complex in nature, we ensure that appropriate remedy is provided within the stipulated timeframe to make sure that there is no disruption of operations with a view to sustain business continuity.

    The Facilities Management team is always devoted to provide on-going maintenance and support to all VIVA facilities and keep them ready and operational for our teams."

  • Ahmed Al Mehaiza, Senior Executive – Accounts Receivable

    Demonstration of VIVA Values – Initiative

    "The working environment in VIVA encourages pro-active action and initiative. Personally, I feel that I have always been provided with necessary empowerment. There is an open reception to any idea that I recommend to my management and great support from my peers to make it happen.

    Failures are tolerated as long as there are lessons learnt from them and because of this attitude they often lead to success and to making an overall difference in our daily operations."