Your benefits

VIVA's standard employment benefits includes the following

Employment Contract

Initial 2-year employment contract for Bahrain & GCC nationals, which will be converted to an open-ended contract upon expiry of the initial term. For expat nationals, the duration of the initial contract is for 2 years, but the contract is renewable for further 2 years upon expiry of the initial term.

Fixed Monthly Package

The fixed monthly package consists of Basic Salary & Fixed Allowance that includes the housing & transport allowances. Basic salary constitutes 70% of the total package, whereas the Fixed Allowance forms 30% of the package.

The salary package is provided based on the grade and the associated salary bracket that relates to the individual position.

Education Allowance

Education allowance, per school year, is currently provided to Managerial level & above. Coverage is up to (3) children for Director level & above and up to (2) children for Manager level, to be based in Bahrain, from the age of (4) and under the age of (18), or completion of Secondary Education, whichever comes first, on reimbursement basis.

Other Benefits include

  • Medical Insurance (VIP) for self, spouse & children under the age of 18 based in Bahrain
  • At the sole discretion of Management, performance oriented bonus is provided based on achievement of business targets & individual staff performance assessment
  • Health Club membership
  • Leave benefits as per Bahrain Labour Law
  • Mobile voucher per year, so as to purchase a mobile handset of employee's choice
  • VIVA Postpaid chip
  • Unlimited VIVA Broadband with dongle
  • Yearly air passage for self & family (wife & 3 children under the age of 18 based in Bahrain) for expat nationals
  • End of service benefits as per Bahrain Labour Law for expat nationals